Here are links to some of the organizations I work with or support and some of my other favorite browsing sites.


Colored Pencil Society of America

Bet Borgeson’s Studio: Colored Pencil info and general art advice

Watercolor Online


National Audubon Society

Massachusetts Audubon Society

Audubon Society of Portland

BIRDNET – The Ornithological Information Source

Birding on the Web: Good jumping off point for bird info

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory


Mountain Plants of the Western Cascades: My website on the flora and trails of the mountains nearest to me

Native Plant Society of Oregon

Oregon Flora Project: With an atlas, photo gallery, and eventually a new flora for Oregon

Washington Herbarium Image Collection: Excellent photos and links to other floras

Flora of North America: THE authority, but not yet complete

USDA Plants Database

North American Rock Garden Society

Other Nature/Environment

Butterflies of North America

North American Butterfly Association

The Nature Conservancy

Xerces Society Invertebrate conservation

Northwest Lichenologists

Digital Photography

Imaging Resource: Reviews, comparison charts and photo comparometer

Digital Photography Review: Reviews and comparison charts

Digital Camera Resource Page: Reviews and helpful forums


VegWeb: Loads of vegetarian recipes

Internet Movie Database: For those of you who, like me, just can’t remember
where you’ve seen that actor before

The Cat’s House: Must check out humorous site for cat lovers

Killer Sudoku Online: So that’s where all my free time went!